EWM launches Client Portal

For many months, we have been developing a digital platform for our clients to streamline the process for financial planning and actioning changes as required

As I am sure you are aware, the financial services sector is heavily regulated, and has always necessitated that we get written confirmation from our clients before processing any changes or giving advice.  Historically, we have been proud of our face-to-face service in reviewing your financial affairs and signing paper documents at the meeting. However, we have accepted that at times arranging a time for us to meet and sign documentation can involve time delays, and of course does not help our carbon footprint.

The current pandemic has also necessitated less face-to-face contact, and for the last 6 months, we have been using technology such as Zoom and Microsoft team to keep in contact, as well of course as the phone.

However, this new way of working has highlighted the problem with getting documents signed. The post has been necessary at times but is a slow process. Emails are undoubtedly quicker, but as you may have heard in the press, there has been an increasing criminal activity focused on

  • Intercepting email communication and using the personal information
  • Sending bogus email communication

We are therefore pleased to inform you that EWM has now launched our Client Portal.   This Portal enables you to:

  • view electronic documents in a secure encrypted environment,
  • send messages to your adviser in a secure environment
  • sign for documents with your own electronic signature
  • Upload documents that you wish your adviser to review
  • Upload other financial documents that you may wish to store in a secure environment. In essence your own on-line financial filing cabinet

All the above should help us improve the speed in reacting to changes to your financial position that you require, whilst also creating a more robust defence against cyber crime

No action is required from you now, but your adviser will arrange for you to be set up on the portal at the time of your next financial review.

Yours sincerely


John Ruddick