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Pam Fones: 30 Years On

Unbelievably, Pam has been working for Eastcote Wealth (and its predecessor’s) for 30 years as of 13th September. She must have started when she was 16! Seriously though, congratulations from everyone here. Pam has brought her normal dedication, professionalism and...

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Pension glitches prove a growing concern (Birmingham Post Article)

The Government’s much-vaunted pensions freedom legislation is increasingly resulting in worrying side-effects. Critics claim too many people are cleaning out their pension savings, not taking financial advice, failing to invest it wisely and paying too much tax. There was concern...

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Emotion can skew investment decisions (Birmingham Post Article)

For many years academics studying stock markets have been trying to persuade investors that markets are efficient. Efficient Market Hypothesis suggests that you cannot beat the market over time. Information is widely available and any positives or negatives regarding a...

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