Long Term Care Funding

Meeting the Cost of Care

With increasing numbers of older people in the population and successive governments inability to address the issues this brings, many are left uncertain about how they will fund potential care needs in later life.

– How much of the cost will local authorities or the NHS pay for?
– Is my home protected?
– Will I be able to pass anything on to my children?
– What assets are assessed by the local council and which are exempt?
– What benefits am I entitled to?
– And, basically, how can I generate the income or capital to pay for long term care either at home or in a care home?

These are all questions that the experienced, specialist advisers at Eastcote Wealth endeavour to answer for our clients. All personal situations are different so we look in great depth at the individual and family circumstances, the immediate needs and the longer term aims, in order to produce a bespoke plan. We work very closely with solicitors, attorneys and family members to ensure that the plan suits the specific client needs from the outset and on an ongoing basis.

Some of the tools we use for our later life clients are:

– Investment of existing assets to provide income.
– Immediate Need Care Annuities
– Equity Release
– Accessing Pensions