Service Options

An ongoing service

Our ongoing service is designed to regularly review your investment(s) to ensure it remains in line with your agreed objectives, making changes to it as required. The ongoing service also ensures that as your personal situation changes, you may have revised objectives, tolerance to investment risk and ability to withstand losses which may require further recommendations and changes. We make sure you know exactly what you are getting and precisely how much it will cost before you take out a service with us.

We offer three levels of ongoing service:

Core Service

This service is most appropriate for the majority of our clients with investments up to £1M in value. It includes an annual face-to-face meeting each year and is essential where your investment strategy consists of more than one fund. As part of this service, the funds will be regularly re-aligned to ensure that they remain suitable for your risk profile.

Premier Service

This service is more appropriate for our clients who have investments larger than £1M in value. This service includes a minimum of two and a maximum of four face-to-face reviews each year to ensure that more complex portfolios remain aligned to your goals and objectives. It also includes client access to our on-line portal to view the performance of your portfolio.

Light Service

This service is designed for our clients who would prefer not to have regular face-to-face meetings. It is limited to an annual telephone review with an annual assessment of the investment performance. This service may be appropriate for simple investment strategies in single funds where there is not the necessity for regular realignment of funds and where the investment is no more than £250,000.

Full details of our fees can be found here.